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Code Enforcement

Tim Bearup, Codes Officer

Office: 315.682.1170

Fax: 315.682.8062

8354 U.S. Route 20
Manlius, New York 13104


Inspections available by appointment only Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–2 p.m.


Enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and Town of Pompey Code and zoning laws.

  • Review building permit applications.

  • Review building plans.

  • Issue building permits.

  • Perform building inspections.

  • Issue certificates of occupancy and compliance.

  • Review unsafe buildings and mandated demolitions.

  • Investigate code violations.

  • Fire inspections: Commercial building fire inspections completed yearly in January/February. All other fire inspections completed on an as needed basis or as determined by Code Officer.​


Enforcement of additional regulations include:

  • Wetland regulations.

  • Flood plain regulations.

  • Storm water management.

The Building/Zoning department will accept electronic plans for all single family residences, garages, and additions or renovations.

Code Reports

Town-Authorized Electrical Inspectors
  • ​Atlantic Inland, Rick Kersey

    • 315.532.0110

  • Central New York Electrical Inspection Service, Larry Kinne

    • 315.633.0027

  • Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc.

    • 585.624.2380

  • The Inspector, Timothy Willsey

    • 518.481.5300 or 800.487.0535

  • Middle Inspection Agency

    • 585.454.5191​​​

Onondaga County 
  • Plumbing Control: 315.435.6614

  • Septic Division: 315.435.6600

  • Sewer Maintenance: 315.435.3157

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