Solar Energy Systems; Overlay District
Solar farm example, Town of Pompey proposed solar farm overlay district law
NYSERDA Clean Energy Community Program

The Town of Pompey spends tens of thousands of dollars annually to heat/cool and power its buildings. By collecting energy performance data and comparing that to similar buildings nationwide, the Town can make smarter, more cost-effective operational and capital investment decisions, saving taxpayer money.


Benchmarking is one of several actions recently undertaken as part of the NYSERDA Clean Energy Community Program. The Town has also entered into an agreement with National Grid to replace existing streetlights with LED lights. The payback period for this upgrade will be less than two years, after which the Town will realize approximately $3,460 in annual energy savings.


Completion of four high-impact actions such as the two described above will make the Town eligible for grants administered under NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Community Program.


  • Read the Resolution to set standards for energy benchmarking for municipal buildings

  • See energy data for the Town’s municipal buildings: